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Read this Letter from one of our ongoing Airboat Operator Certification Course clients. We are grateful that they have placed their confidence for Airboat Safety Training & Instruction in us.


& Testimonials

City of Lake Jackson Endorsement

Randy L Hill- AOCC MOCC Certified Instructor

Team Member of FL-3 Airboat Search & Rescue Inc.

Operations of Commercial Vessels 12 years

Department Of Interior MOCC/AOCC Instructor

Operations of Personal Vessels 22 years

Chief of Operations

Our TEAM of Trainers and Managers

Here at USA Marine Training we have assembled the best team of certified instructors/operators to give you and your organization the best training and experience available.

Britt Reynolds- AOCC MOCC Certified Instructor  

NASDS SSI Certified Diving Instructor

Commercial Vessel Operations – Up to 100’ Live Aboard

Department Of Interior Airboat Instructor (Active)

St. Lucie County Fire District SCBA Training and Certification Instructor

Chief Executive Officer

Ron Miller- AOCC MOCC Certified Instructor

Ron is the northern representative for Alumitech Airboats helping them to design the ice hull that is now used on all of their Ice rescue Airboats..He is a Member of the FL3 Airboat recue team and Captain of the Allegan County Search and Rescue Team that helps the Police and fire departments find missing people who are lost in the back country woods.

Northern Regional Director

Bubba Wutche

Bubba is our newest tandem team member, his versatility of driving, class set up, airboat skills are of a level not common in the industry. Bubba will be a certified instructor for us in just a few more hours of qualification.

Operator Instructor/Transport Assistant

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