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Our Mission

The USA Marine Training Management and Instructor Team

has one mission mind:  SAFETY

Our Marine Courses are hands-on and we strongly stress SAFETY throughout the classroom training as well as during on-the-water practicals.   We want your students to not only get quality instruction, but also learn all about the safety aspects of operating any type of watercraft while being trained.

Promote Boating Safety

Our Management Team brings to you over a century of combined experience in the Marine Safety and Training arena.

Our Management Team brings to you over a century of combined experience in the Marine Safety and Training arena.

Sharing our experience and instruction methods with professional responders, commercial operators and recreational boaters promotes our goal by providing you the necessary basic skills to become a safer boater.  If you are already an experienced operator, let our Staff help you hone your skills.  USA Marine Training provides a HANDS-ON certification course that builds your self-confidence.

Educational Standards

Our courses meet and exceed most recognized standards in all 50 States.

USA Marine Training, LLC has also adopted the Department of Interior hands on Airboat Operator Certification Course (AOCC), and Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC) combining both classroom and hands on practical skill sets.

The AOCC and MOCC have been accepted by numerous Federal, State and County Government Agencies as well as Professional Responders such as Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Fire Rescue, Search and Rescue and Homeland Security.  Agencies outside the Law Enforcement/Rescue group, such as Aquatic Weed Control and Mosquito Control groups have seen the benefit of the AOCC adopting a standardized and accredited Airboat safety training program to meet their professional certification needs.

Let USA Marine Training work with you and/or your Department to meet your current training requirements.

We also provide a variety of Watercraft Training Courses oriented towards the recreational boating family. USA Marine Training is working with Husband/Wife/Family members to make your outings both fun and SAFE.

No matter what your boating needs are, USA Marine Training can work with you to provide standardized or custom training to meet those requirements.   

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