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“This  team of instructors give you training that combines some of the finest boating education and advanced skills you can find anywhere .”

                  - Fran  CEO Diamondback Airboats

Soundly Recognized Programs

USA Marine Training has adopted the Department of Interior Airboat Operator Certification Course (AOCC) and the Motorboat Operator Certification Course (MOCC).  Both Courses are approved by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, National Park Service, US Geological Survey, Bureau of Land Management and Bureau of Reclamation.   The US Army Corp of Engineers has also seen the value in this hands-on-training and had adopted both powerboat and Airboat training for their employees.

More Than A Class

Many State Colleges and Universities have seen the value in this hands-on training and have also adopted these courses to meet their needs.  Examples such as Florida International University, University of Miami, University of South Florida, and East Carolina University have taken advantage of this unique training to train their own boat operators in safe boating skills, saving thousands of dollars in Liability Insurance alone and preventing costly Workers Compensation Claims and boating damage by inexperienced users.Many Insurance Companies offer Certified Operators premium discounts that will easily pay for these Courses. Government, Corporate and Family discounts apply.

Not Just A Hobby

USA Marine Training;s hands-on Courses have also become popular with numerous Oil Companies, and aquatic weed control groups plus Federal and State Agencies including Professional Responders such as Law Enforcement, Fire Departments, Fire Rescue, Search and Rescue and Homeland Security.In addition to the above users, Airboat Manufacturers are taking advantage of our Airboat Course.  Diamondback, Alumitech& Hamant Airboat Manufacturers  have endorsed our program to satisfy the needs of their customers.

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We then expand this training outside the classroom to include Boat Trailering basics, Emergency and Self Rescue, Fire Suppression, Pyrotechnics, Launching and Loading Techniques, Docking, Slow Speed Maneuvering, and At Speed Maneuvering.

Expanded Boater Skills

Our Instructors at USA Marine Training can bring the Classroom to you.

Class at Your Location

See some of our favorite suppliers of excellent boating products, and a list of endorsements of our programs.

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Personal Watercraft

Whether you are a professional user or a new owner, let USA Marine Training become your training provider for Airboats, Powerboats and Personal Watercraft. Demands from the market have resulted in USA Marine Training soon offering a Personal Watercraft or Jet Ski Hands-On Course, designed for the recreational or professional user.

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