The 24 Hour Basic (DOI Approved) Airboat Operator Certification Training Course has been developed to aid the Airboat operator in learning vessel maneuvering, navigation, basic maintenance, recognizing weather conditions and lifesaving. The course has been designed to encompass classroom sessions, field training and written testing, as well as, practical evaluation of the individuals Airboat operation skills.

Course Contents:

Operating Principals and Theory of an Airboat * Understanding the Control Panel * Required and Recommended Safety Equipment * Performing a Pre-Flight Safety Inspection * Basic Maintenance and Troubleshooting * Techniques in Starting, Stopping, and Maneuvering an Airboat in semi-dry, shallow and deep water conditions * Techniques for Launching and Loading an Airboat * Docking and Beaching Techniques

"Unable to attend at our facility? No problem. Our instructors have the means to bring the classroom to you, providing basic instruction at your location, and the practical application on your Airboat."

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