Boating Education is one of the most important aspects of boating safely and responsibly. Knowing the ins and outs of your boat, how to read channel markers, safely navigate in congested areas and on open waters, how to use a nautical chart and how to operate a VHF Marine Radio are just a few important skills that our course will give you before going out on the water.

Do you have basic boating skills that need honing or just want to master something that you never had the chance without taking an entire Safety Course?

Would you like to learn some of these skills in the privacy of your own home in a private and confidential setting?

USA Marine Training can customize a Safety Training Mini-Module just for you.

We can meet you at your boat ramp and train you on your boat.

Pick a subject that is just right for you or pick several modules that you want to increase your skill levels such as:

1. Launching and Loading: 2 hours (at a boat ramp convenient to you)

2. Docking: 1 hour

3. Evasive Maneuvering: 2 hours (requires buoy set-up course)

4. Slow and at Speed Maneuvering: 3 hours

5. Rules of the Road; overtaking, crossing

   and head-on situations: 2 hours (taught in your own home)

   3 hours (taught on the water)

6. Aids to Navigation/Lights at Night: 2 hours (taught in your home)   3 hours (taught on the water)

7. Basic Nav Chart Reading: 1.5 hours (you pick a comfortable location)

8. Close Quarter Maneuvering: 2 hours

9. Boat and Trailer Preventive Maintenance: 2 hours (can be taught at your  location)

10. Trailering, backing and maneuvering: 2 hours

Is there something you would like to learn, but don’t see it offered here?

Call our toll free number                                      and speak to one of our Staff and we can work with you to create other customized Course.

Hourly Rates, ½ day rates, ¾ day rates, full day rates available. Call for additional information.

For more information or to schedule your training today

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